Shari Sullivan-Quinn is a natural story teller. She is a native Virginian and is currently going through publication of her first novel, hoping to sell her second, and working on her third. A native of Southwestern Virginia from the coal mining area of the Appalachians, she currently lives with her family in Northern Virginia and works in Washington, DC.

Writing has always been her lifelong therapy, a way to escape and explore, to channel her creativity and share her thoughts with the world. It is her passion and the dream she has pursued for many years. Nothing excites her more than being challenged with a twisted plot that needs to be unraveled while still holding the readers interest.

Her first novel “Far from the Tree” is based around alcoholism and living through it as a bystander. Ms. Quinn is the child of an alcoholic, giving her a unique insight into what it means to watch someone drink their life away. She explores the scars that are left on the families and loved ones of alcoholics. We watch as the main character struggles through these issues and witness her personal growth. This story deals with a dark topic, but it leaves us with a feeling of triumph and hope.

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