Far From the Tree: Step 3 Surrender

Step 3: Surrender
A lifetime of self-will run riot can come to a screeching halt, and change forever, by making a simple decision to turn it all over to a higher power.

  1. 1.      Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.


For an addict, this seems to be the hardest step . . . surrender.  Even though for years they have surrendered their life, their future, their families to the will of their addictive substance, they find it nearly impossible to surrender to the will of God.  It’s not that most don’t believe in God . . . . I think most have prayed when sick with a hangover or in the depths of craving for more alcohol or drugs . . . and most have made promises to do better, to be a better person during those moments of weakness and those prayers.  So surrendering would mean admitting they had lied, and that they deserved punishment or penance for not fulfilling their promises. 

And of course, accepting this step also means giving up their addiction and while most will say they want to quit, to stop . . . they still have the craving, they fear the withdrawal, they believe that without their crutch, they are nothing but a shell.  They see no happiness, no joy in their lives without their drug or drink of choice. 

In order to take this leap of faith most must hit rock bottom . . . they must be truly reaching for help, a lifeline . . . .