A bridge on a major interstate in West Virginia has collapsed, killing over 40 people. A large multiple agency investigation reveals product substitution and the use of undocumented workers among other crimes. Now, as witnesses start turning up dead, Jack suspects someone on his own team is leaking their identities to the owners of a large international conglomerate with ties to the Russian Mob. In the midst of putting the pieces of the investigation together, Jack labors with the effects of PTSD from the years of physical abuse he suffered as both a child and young man. Needing a confidante to help him get through the pressure of solving his agency’s biggest case, he tells his assistant Ronnie of his past. Working side by side, they discover the truths circulating through their office as they work to quell the negative whispers residing within Jack’s head.

Whispers from Within: Paperback Edition

Whispers from Within: E-Book




Becoming something is easy, like playing a part on a stage. I have been many things in my life—a mother, a waitress, a videographer, a good little girl—but they were all just roles, parts that I have played. Inside, nothing changed. I am still just me, the person my genes and my environment programmed me to be. There is no escape through being something.  To truly change we must change how we see ourselves, change its affect on us; after all, if an apple fell into an orange grove, it would still be an apple. No matter how much it might admire the bright, fragrant oranges, it would always be an apple. So no matter what role I play, nothing will change until I change the picture inside. Otherwise I will always be what my reflexes guide me to be, what my inner self sees and has always seen, the child of an alcoholic.

Far From The Tree: Paperback Edition

Far From the Tree: E-Book