Poetry has been something I have “dabbled” in for most of my life. I’ve written in many forms, trying pentameter verses, playing with syllables, rhymes, the number of lines, etc. etc. I’ve written country songs for fun and gave them to a budding ‘wanna be’; and love ballads for an old friend who was a wanna be rocker.

Out of all of these styles I have found that the ‘form’ that works best for me is simply to express my thoughts; then I spend a couple of days tweaking the words until I feel they most effectively reflect the message I was trying to convey. When I was younger I wrote poetry often, but I don’t write it as frequently anymore, I suppose age has lessened some of the angst I used to need to express.

As odd as this may sound, I feel that poetry is a ‘private’ thing . . . something that can mean different things to each person who reads it . . . and I find that many prefer not to read poetry at all, finding it confusing or dull. However, the world we live in is composed of poetry, it’s in the lines of each song on the radio, it’s in the rhythms of our daily lives and it’s the harmony that we find in the world around us.