A Prince (From Whispers From Within)

The trips were never very long
No one could hurt him,
His shoulders too broad to feel the pain
Protecting, caring, gentle
A prince to all who knew him
Rocking back and forth
It all seemed so real

The trips grew longer
Courageous words pictured
So clear and concise
He believed his war could be won
for all to see and cheer
Rocking back and forth
It seemed to be within his reach

His war was true
A casualty from the blows he received
Posture changed, eyes cast down
Sounds of torment ringing inside
The prince’s cold stare had no tears
Rocking back and forth
Peace was nowhere to be found

The trips finally ended
Defeated and unsure
No words ever spoken, no explanations as to why
An emotionless heart was his final prize
Rocking back and forth
A permanent sadness in the air
The prince always alone in his thoughts.



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