You be you and I’ll be me!

How many love the poetry in song lyrics? I can say: me, me! I love it.

I love the rhythm and rhyme, the power of the words just as much as I love the music.

So don’t get too caught up in the ‘tune’ . . . or you’ll totally miss the beauty of the words.

I was just thinking of James Bay and the Lyrics in “Let it Go.”

How many love affairs start just this same way?

From walking home and talking loads
To seeing shows in evening clothes with you
From nervous touch and getting drunk
To staying up and waking up with you

But after too many fights and disappointments, it comes to this:

But now we’re sleeping at the edge
Holding something we don’t need
All this delusion in our heads
Is gonna bring us to our knees

Too often we meet someone and we’re crazy about them . . . and then we try to change them.

We want them to not smoke, or swear, or curse. Or we try to impose ‘our way’ of doing things on them – you know, no dishes in the sink after dinner; make the bed as soon as we get up – or we don’t like their family or their friends for whatever reason, so we refuse to see them.

These things seem small, I mean hey, if they love you they can support your wishes, right? Oh but be careful . . . these tiny, small insidious things create hurt where no hurt is needed.

Remember, if we truly love someone, it means loving them for who they are, we have to LET THEM BE WHO THEY ARE.

We have to say:

So come on let it go
Just let it be
Why don’t you be you
And I’ll be me

But not in a breaking up, walking away, kind of way, but in an I accept you – just as you are kind of way.

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